Did You Know?

Did You Know?

“Costume jewelry has more value if it’s a signed piece. Jewelry was often produced in large quantities, with pieces designed to go with each season’s outfits. Much of it was unsigned and was never intended to last for a long time. However, despite the inexpensive materials used, much costume jewelry is just as beautiful and as highly crafted as its precious counterpart and is now considered highly collectible….All that glitters may not be gold, but it certainly can be addictive.” Judith Miller, co-author of “Costume Jewelry (DK Collector’s Guide)”

**Antreina’s Painless Comfortable Quality Costume Jewelry Clip On Earrings are Signed and Dated.**

It’s all about the Name
It wasn’t until 1997 when Antreina Stone thought of how to identify her Earring designs, when she heard a voice say, “Name them”. That’s why each pair of earrings are given a name. All of the earring designs are special and many of the names are modeled after her special customers. The earrings are known to uplift people through many phases of life. Customers feel fabulous and their spirits are lifted high while wearing Antreina’s Painless Clip On Earrings. They absolutely love the compliments and smiles received from their many admirers.

Antreina’s Comfy Decorative Clip On Earrings are lighting up the Universe! 

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“Daring Women with Attitudes Wear Antreina’s Artwork On  Their Ears”

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Your Ears Will Forever Be Grateful

Clip On Earrings Care Tips

  1. Clip your earring close to your jawline to allow for a more comfortable and secure fit. Always be careful how you store your pierce post earrings. Pay close attention to how the post is lying when storing. The post is fragile and can bend out of position.
    If this happens, use your thumb and gently push back into its place.
  2. Open your Clip earrings from the top of the clip. Avoid pulling the clip from the side; this will cause the paddle to become detached from the clip.
  3. Acid from our skin can cause jewelry metal findings to discolor; the oils can cause the glue to loosen. To prolong the luster of your earrings, clean your earrings after each wear with a slightly moist cloth.
  4. If your earrings are discolored, try cleaning with a silver cleaning cloth. You may also use a damp moisten cloth of your choice to wipe the soil away from your crystals, only.
  5. Many customers are enjoying wearing Antreina’s “Artwork On Their Ears” . Follow these steps and you will also enjoy your decorative clip on earrings for a long time. You’re always in style with Antreina’s Queen Of Clip On Earring Designs. We are the crystal’s lighting up the Universe!!

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