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Antreina's always considers the weight of materials used.  Hearing from our customers the earrings are very comfortable and light on the ears.  Now, you must consider what you're accustomed to wearing.   If you're a new customer considering purchasing our comfortable clip-on earrings I would highly recommend an earring 3-3.5 inches long, maybe one drop like  Zaina or this Gold Pearl which can be ordered with a silver background. Watch the video below on how to select the best length earrings.
We will honor a refund within the first 30 minutes of placing your order, minus processing fees.  We are charged processing fees regardless of the refund.  The amount for processing will not be credited back to us because we refunded your money. Once your order is received and you do not like your selection, you may choose another product.  If you do not see anything at the time, we will issue you a store credit. Keeping in mind every earring is created when ordered.  We do not stock inventory.
Antreina's offers to repair up to 90 days from the purchase date.  If you break an earring within the time period, please take a picture and send it to info@antreinasearrings.com  In the subject line put Quote for repair.
  1. Clip your earring close to your jawline to allow for a more comfortable and secure fit. Always be careful how you store your pierce post earrings. Pay close attention to how the post is lying when storing. The post is fragile and can bend out of position. If this happens, use your thumb and gently push back into its place.
  2. Open your Clip earrings from the top of the clip. Avoid pulling the clip from the side; this will cause the paddle to become detached from the clip.
  3. Acid from our skin can cause jewelry metal findings to discolor; the oils can cause the glue to loosen. To prolong the luster of your earrings, clean your earrings after each wear with a slightly moist cloth.
  4. If your earrings are discolored, try cleaning with a silver cleaning cloth. You may also, wipe your crystals only with damp moisten cloth of your choice.
  5. Many customers are still wearing and enjoying Antreina's "Artwork for Your Ears" from 10 or more years ago. Follow these steps and you will also enjoy your jewelry for a long time. You're always in style with Antreina's Earring Designs. We are the crystal's lighting up the Universe!!
Comfortable Clip-on earrings for women...
Your order will begin to process within 48 hrs.  This will allow for parts to be pulled and enough time to let our customers know if parts need to be ordered.
Orders placed under $45.00 are currently charged  $4.50. Order's placed over $45.00 ships Free.   **************************************************************************************************** Currently Shipping Australia Our International orders over $45.00, shipping will be credited $4.50 For the remainder balanced an invoice will be sent through PayPal for payment before shipping. We welcome you!
We are currently using U.S.P.S. for our orders.
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