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Way Back When

I recall while riding In my tan colored Hoopty 98 Oldsmobile at the age of 20 holding my infant daughter when she quickly snatched a post earring away from my ear.  So there I was walking around with a torn earlobe while deeply within the depth of my soul, I was heartbroken and sad from not being able to continue wearing earrings to compliment my personality and style.  Then years later, Queen Of Clip On Painless Comfortable Earrings was born..

Antreina’s Birthed Out Of frustration 

While working in the mid eighties at my last full time job.  I went into a storage room, kneeled down, and prayed “Lord, If I have to work this hard for someone, let me do it for myself and days later I heard a voice that said; “Sell Jewelry” .   Faith, Hope, Prayer, along with my valuable customer supporters, and Determination has kept me focused on my mission since 1989. 

Queen Of Clip On Earring’s Mission

Create painless,  comfortable, cushioned, secured, and fashionable quality clip on earrings that “Don’t Hurt”.  Also, giving my full attention to customer’s wishes and desires by creating a great customer experience by providing what they want.

If you don’t own a pair of Antreina’s Painless Comfortable Clip On Earrings, You will never feel or wear the difference.

Antreina E. Stone
“Queen of Clip On Earrings”

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