I Believe In Miracles, Even-though I Cannot See Them, I Believe!

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I believe in miracles Joshua 1:9

I Believe In Miracles, Even-though I Cannot See Them, I Believe!

I believe miracles are happening right now for you even if you cannot see them, Believe!

I’m not impeding on anyone’s beliefs, but we must believe in something or we’ll fall for anything.

I believe sharing my testimony with you will help encourage those that are having a questionable day to have a greater day by trusting in the unforeseen rather than what’s seen

With that being said, I had my annual mammogram in November 2022 and an area of concern appeared and I had to make an appointment to return in six months.

When I went back for my six-month exam on June 1, of this year the area in question had gotten deeper, a tad larger, not much, but enough to raise concerns about having an ultrasound that showed signs of abnormalities. Instead of me hearing, you can go home I was directed to a room that read consultation on the door.  So you know, I almost lost it when they put me in this small quiet room with a desk, computer, no windows, a small lamp with little light, a sofa, and a chair.

As I sat on the sofa I prayed while holding tears back, thinking, Lord, no you’re not getting ready to do this to me, knowing it rains on the just and the unjust the same.

I hear a knock and the doctor enters the room.  He indicated my results showed some changes and it’s best to have a biopsy after showing me on the monitor the area with a bright spot of concern.  I was devastated with many negative thoughts that needed to be removed, replaced with positive ones, and every day I repeated Joshua 1:9

On the day of my biopsy, I repeated Joshua 1:9 so many times it was like the skin on my bones and the beat of my heart knowing that God will always be with me wherever I go.

Well, as I was positioned on the table the nurse explained the procedure that once the location was identified the doctor would come in to numb the area and remove some specimens.  After laying there for 20 minutes with my right breast being smashed and repositioned several times the nurse left the room once again and finally, the doctor entered the room with her hands on her head saying

“You know I do not see anything, but before I make that decision I’m going to send you to another area to get some 3D images.”

Oh my God, I took a deep breath and kept repeating Joshua 1:9. After getting the additional images and waiting the doctor returned and said.

“THERE’S NOTHING FOR ME TO DO A BIOPSY ON. You are free to leave.”

The same God that worked miracles many years ago is still working them today.  Just believe!

Be Strong and Courageous

Do Not Be Afraid or Discouraged

For The Lord, Your GOD  WILL BE WITH YOU

Wherever You Go

Joshua 1:9

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